Monday, November 10, 2014

Spanish Hermana, Sister Bassett (Cami's Companion) and Cami

Cami and the Hermana's that live with them in their house.

 This was Cami and Sister Bassett modeling their Halloween Costumes I sent them.

We grew these teeny Jack 'o Lantern Pumpkins so we sent Cami one in her Halloween box.

The caption on this one said Talking and walking...I'm sure Sister Bassett will just LOVE this pic!

Cami on the Pier by the boats. It looks a little nippy out there! 

Cami noticing that Hunger Games will come out in a couple of weeks! :/

Cami on their front porch of their house.

The laundry Room.  They even have a washer and dryer! The life!

The kitchen and stairs up to their rooms and study.

The living room.

A view of Cami's room/study.

Their house.

Selfies of their Halloween Costumes!

Happy Fall, ya'll!!
I have to start out my email by wishing my sweet Dad a happy birthday this Thursday on the 13th! :) 

Things are going good here in Nags Head! The weather has dropped significantly over the past few weeks but its a good change :) 

Last Monday we had a dance class with one of the members in the ward at the dance studio that she owns and it was so much fun! It felt good to dance... and I've still got it! Hahhaha well kinda. 

Daylight savings has made missionary work at night a little bit challenging for us because we aren't allowed to contact anyone we don't know or have a lesson with past dark, so we have had to get creative but it has also helped us to plan our evenings better with lessons and people to see to use our time more wisely and it has turned out to be a blessing! We had some good lessons with our investigators this week and have had great involvement from the ward coming with us to lessons which has made a world of difference! It feels really good to have support from the ward. Ya'll should go to lessons with missionaries and find people for them to teach if you can :) it really is the best way of doing missionary work- through the members! 

On Friday we had a great zone meeting in Elizabeth city and we got the new General Conference Ensign and I just love reading through it and going back to read over all of the talks. My favorite so far is "Approaching the throne of God with confidence by Jorg Klebingat. I think that's how you spell his name haha! The member that drove us to zone meeting took us out to lunch at Panera bread which was like the best day of my life because its kinda like Kneaders and Utah and it made me so happy haha!! 

On Saturday we had a really good lesson with one of our investigators and she ended up coming to church yesterday which was a huge miracle! We were so excited to see her there. I gave her the biggest hug of my life! Also at church yesterday, Brother K. was made the assistant Ward Mission Leader which we are so excited about! He is going to do such a good job and we just love him so much. Last night we had a family home evening at his house with some of our investigators and a recent convert. We watched Ephraims rescue and had some brownies of course and it was just so great. Me and my comp were talking yesterday and there really is no better feeling as a missionary than watching someone make and keep commitments and watching them let the Holy Ghost touch and change them. It is sooo cool. The gospel is true and changes lives. 

This morning during personal study I was reading the talk Elder Holland gave in conference and he shares this story about Mother Theresa and this reporter that asked her why she does all the good she does, knowing that statistically it doesn't really make a difference and she says it isn't about statistics, it is about love and keeping the commandment to love on another. She said each good thing you do may only be a drop in the ocean, but think if you didn't do that that good thing, the ocean would be one less drop than it is and soon enough, there wouldn't be an ocean because each drop makes it what it is. I thought that was so profound and relateable because as missionaries and just people in general its hard doing things and feeling like you aren't really making a difference-and it's easy to let Satan make you think that you can't make a difference and to give up-but if we think about all the people that have gone before us and have done good things have made a difference in our lives, it's worth it :) I love ya'll so much and hope you have a blessed week!!

Much love, Sister Carlson  

P.S.  In Cami's written letter home she mentioned that in her personal interview with President Baker he asked her if she liked where she was serving and she said she LOVED it and felt like she was really getting to know some of the people there, making a difference in the ward and area there.  And he said, "good, because I don't have plans to move you any time soon!"  We are all excited about that because she does love working with the members there! Go Cami!!!! :)

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