Monday, February 23, 2015

Cami gets made a Trainer!

Last night with Sister Barfuss. :( 
They are celebrating with a little Pizza Party!

Cami and Sister Barfuss made these cute hats (with ears!) with a 
member who taught them how to crochet. 
P-Day fun!  #missionarylife!

This week has been a whirlwind!!! I said goodbye to one comp and hello to a brand new one! I miss Sister Barfuss but I am excited for the great things that are in store for her in NC! She is going to do great. It was super cool the day before she left though, we found 2 new investigators from a member referral so that was super cool! AND they came to church yesterday!!!! And then one of our other investigators came as well. THEN, this lady just walked into the chapel and sat down for the service and I thought to myself, we need to go up and talk to we did and turns out she isn't a member, but she has a really good friend that is a member in Arizona that has been encouraging her to just come to the Mormon church and see what she thinks so yesterday she decided to come and she LOVED IT. She ended up staying all 3 hours of church with us and asked if we could come to her house and teach her and her husband on Thursday. We decided we could pencil that in to our schedule :)))))))))))))))))))))))) GLADLY. God is good.  Transfers were supposed to be on Wednesday but because of the weather they got pushed to Thursday. So Thursday I got my little compita straight from the MTC. I have had lots of de ja vu of when I first came out ha it's going good though! I feel like a parent. Her name is Sister Crawford and she is from Fairbanks, Alaska. The first night she was here we had a lesson with some members who invited some of their nonmember friends over, we watched Finding Faith in Christ and it was really sweet after the lesson the little boy walks up to me and says: "I want to help Jesus." Haha I was like heck ya! Me too!!!! I am looking forward to a good week this week. Over the past couple weeks there have been a few sisters who have come to the bishop and asked for help in becoming active in the church again and so we have a couple lessons this week with them and then hopefully lots of lessons with investigators! I started the book of mormon again this week. I looooooooooooooooooOoOoOoOoOOOOoOOoOoVE it. Have a blessed week!!!! :))))) 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

 Duck Dynasty beard.  Love those Cami eyes!

A whole lot of silly going on here!

It's Sister Fife!  Cami's MTC Comp!

These were all at the Sister's Conference.  Looks like they had a GREAT time!

Cami's District

Are we casting evil spirits out of the baptistry here?  Not really sure! :)

Greetings from the North Pole!!!!

My name is Sister Frozen Icicle of the world. Nice to meet ya. life is treating me pretty good in Poquoson, it snowed here LOTS yesterday and last night, and it makes me so happy! Kinda looks like UT :))))) The only thing is that EVERYTHING in Poquoson is closed. I am emailing from a members Ipad. It feels weird to use technology. I apologize in advance for all the typos that are about to go down. 
Last Tuesday we had a sisters conference which was super good! I got to see lots of my fun friends from all over the mission and President Baker is just the best person. He told us a story about his Grandkids saying silly stuff and showed a picture of them sitting on the porch and spilling their otter pops and being funny and he said "Ya know what, sometimes you are going to spill your otter pop or say something funny, and Heavenly Father is still going to love you no matter what and that's how i feel about you Sisters!" I've had that stuck in my head all week,..."it's OK to spill your otter pop Sister Carlson...Heavenly Father still loves you." The rest of our week was just so great.  
On Wednesday we were contacting potential investigators and one of them let us in and we had a lesson, which is super rare might I add so that was miraculous! They are pretty active in their church but we musn't give up! :) On Saturday we found a new investigator!!!! YES. We met her the week before last in the trailer park when we were trying to find one of the members of the ward and we had a member out with us and we thought that we should just go over and set up a time to have a lesson, and then she just let us right in and we taught her The Restoration! It was cool too because as we were talking she goes "This seems really familiar...." and then goes: "Wait! You're from the Mormon church?! I used to go to that church when I was little! These young guys used to come over and teach my Mom, but they wore suits!" As we taught she would tear up and she said she knows that we were led to her trailer for a reason and that this is something that she needs in her life. We agreed :) 
Also on Saturday we got transfer calls and....Sister Barfuss is getting transferred to Greenville, NC....and I am going to train a new missionary!......PRAY FOR ME. Sunday we found another new investigator. God is good my friends. Yesterday a member of the ward taught us how to crotchet! We are making this really cool hat/hood thing with bear ears. Its hard but I like it :) Except for when I mess up 3 times in a row and have to start over. Ha, ha I think that's all for this week :) I love ya'll!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Still got the baking skills!

Cami took her work experience and made some candy bouquets for some members in 
Poquoson for them to deliver at Valentine's Day.  Walmart lost out on that sale! :)

Happy February 9th!!!

This week has been good, I finished the Doctrine and Covenants....probably the coolest thing of my life. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. I am reading the Bible now and I have faith to finish it on my mission so it is going to take some dedication but si se puede is my new motto. I can do it :) 
We had some good lessons with some less active members this week and then on Friday it was literally as if God himself was showing us where to go. We went over to one of the members house's to ask where a referral they had given us lived and her son answered the door and he told us that she was over at the referrals house! He told us it was a blue trailer with a white car out front on the next street over. So we think it should be pretty easy to find..until there are 2 blue trailers with a white car out front. So we just decided to knock both of them and the first one didn't end up being her, but it ended up being a lady that is super interested in learning about the gospel and told us to come back this week. YESSSS. So then we go to the other trailer and find them but the referral wasn't there. We are hoping to get in touch with her this week, but I think it was definitely inspired for us to meet the lady that lived in the other blue trailer! Then we were about to leave the trailer park but we see a former investigator walking into her house so we decide to pull over and go talk to her and the whole time we were there she just kept saying: "I have been waiting for you to come to my house!! I am so blessed that you came here! I am ready to be baptized." I can't think of any better words that missionaries like to hear! Haha HAPPY DAY!!! She agreed to a return appointment and wants her daughter to take the lessons as well! Later that night we went and visited a less active and found out that her daughter isn't baptized so we are going to start teaching her this week as well....and there are just miracles abound in Poquoson, I tell ya! 
I am so happy that Heavenly Father is trusting us with these people and it feels so good to help them. I just love it. Moral of the story, I LOVE TRAILER PARKS and missionary work. They go together like PB and honey :)))))))) 
I'm looking forward to a great week and hope ya'll are too as well!!

XOXOX, Sista C

Monday, February 2, 2015

Oh Happy Day! Texas Roadhouse!!!

This was Girl's Night out with the Brimhall Gals!

Cami and the other missionaries in their area at the 
Adult Session of Stake Conf. Saturday night.  

 The sisters were on their way to Williamsburg with a Sister Rawlinson 
and another sister from the ward who took them on a little outing last P-Day.


This week has been pretty good! When I think back on every week I am just super grateful for all the things I am learning. There are things in the scriptures I never even knew about. And this morning I realized that I just love reading the bible dictionary. Like what?! Excuse me while I become the biggest nerd to walk the earth. Gotta love it! 

We volunteered at the nursing home this week and and we had a good conversation with the lady there, we are going back this week and are hoping to talk more with her each week and eventually start teaching her. She is a sweet lady. The little old ladies there that we play bingo with are so hilarious. There is so much potential in Poquoson but it is taking a lot of patience to wait until things start happening. Last night we went over to a members house and she invited a former investigator there that we want to start teaching and we asked her if she would be interested in taking the discussions again and she said she would when she gets back from Korea in a few weeks! Her husband is in the air force and she is going to visit him there but she said when she gets back she would like to so we are excited about that! 

Yesterday was stake conference here in the good old Newport News stake and I always love it because alllll the leaders always talk about how important it is to help the missionaries find people to teach and member missionary work is and I'm just like heck ya! Represent. 

This week we are having a little dessert night on Wednesday so we are excited for that and are hoping that people will bring all their friends!!! :)))) looking forward to a good week and hope ya'll have a good week as well!

With Love, Sister Carlson