Monday, November 24, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving!! :) 
Sister Jacobson made us this turkey out of paper and filled it with face masks and Chapsticks and a whole bunch of cute stuff! :) 

Cami and Olaf! 
It looks like Cami found some outlet stores!
(That took longer than expected! HA!)

A cool painting Cami saw and liked of the OBX 
(I'm cool like the people who live in the Outer Banks because that's what they call it!...
so pretty much it would be like if we called where we live SLC, right??? 
Not NEARLY so cool!)

Their district. 
Looks like they are having a fun time...
well, the girls look like they are having a fun time,  
The boys look like they aren't quite sure what has just hit them! 
Can we stand this close to girls?  Are we going to get in trouble? HA!
(Sorry!  I just can't help myself from making things up when she doesn't 
give me that much to go on with these pics!  I think funny things!)


Well this week was pretty good! I can never remember what happens anymore. Missionary brain is getting to me. 
On Tuesday we did service for one of the members in the ward and I just stinkin' love her! She is the same one who teaches us dance classes on pday :) We love her because she always gives us opportunities to serve-which may sound silly but you would be surprised at how many people won't let us serve them. We always try to do dishes at peoples houses when they have us over for dinner and they won't let us lift a finger, ha,ha. Anyway we helped her around her house because she just moved and is trying to unpack everything and all of her kids stuff so I like that because I like to organize. :) After that she took us out to lunch at a yummy Mexican restaurant.  She is just so great. 
On Friday we had the opportunity to help with Shirley Spencer's funeral. The Spencer's are a big family out here and Shirley and Ira Spencer are the founders of the Nags Head Ward. I never knew her or Ira because Ira passed in July just before I got here and Shirley stayed inside because of her age but I am so grateful for all that they have done to bring the gospel to the Outer Banks so I can have the opportunity to serve here in such a great ward! It was a great funeral service and although I never knew her, I know the great legacy of the gospel she left for many lives including my own and it is obvious by what was said about her in the funeral that she was truly converted unto the Lord--a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Her and Ira have 8 children, all married and sealed in the temple and active members of the gospel. Now that is an accomplishment! I hope to be as much of a force for good someday as she has been for many people around her. It was interesting being at the funeral because the last funeral I was at was for my brother, James. It brought back some hard memories of his loss, but it also reminded me of the plan of salvation and made me so grateful for the knowledge that I and my family have that we will soon be reunited with my brother and that all will be made right! The gospel is soooo true. 
Saturday was our last "walk and talk" which is a huge blessing because it is starting to get really chilly! 
On Sunday us and the Hermanas went to choir practice and that was fun :) It reminded me of singing in the choir in my home ward with my mama! The Hermamas had Spanish sacrament last night and we sang "Come follow me" IN SPANISH and 2 of their investigators were there and are hopefully getting baptized this Saturday if all goes well with the interviews tonight with the District Leader so that is super cool! 
Last night was transfer calls and I am going to be staying here in Nags Head (Hallelujah) and my new companion is going to be Sister McDonald. I will be in a trio with the Hermanas until Wednesday when she gets here. For Thanksgiving we are going to the bishops house so I am super excited for that! Today we drive Sister Bassett to the mission home in Chespeake. This is my 2nd companion that I have sent home. Haha. 
Hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!
Sister Carlson :)

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