Monday, July 27, 2015

This week in Kempsville...

Burnt Toast

New investigator

Cut finger...healing now.

Top Ramen Lady (details below)

Pioneer Day Watermelon Eating Contest

Someone might have forgotten to turn 
off the water in the font for the baptismal font.  
Thankfully no damage. Sisters help cleaning up.

More clean up...


Well, hey. its been an eventful week. here are the highlights:

- I cut my finger open. 

- We set our investigator Anna with a baptismal date for Aug. 8th :))))) she is 18. we met her through our recent convert, Crissy who just got baptized. Anna babysits for her.  Crissy is being a great embassador and a good missionary for the church already!  Basically Anna already wants to go on a mission.

- We went on exchanges. THE RANDOMEST thing ever happened to me and the sister i was on exchanges with. We pull up to a stop sign behind a car. This old lady driving the car gets out- mind you she is wearing a wig that is OBVIOUSLY A WIG, a super sheer loose dress, and really high heels...and she just starts walking around picking up stuff off the streets of Norfolk and putting it in her car. then she sees us behind her, walks over to her car, grabs some Top Ramen, and then walks over to our car and says "here, you look hungry take this noodle" and then just walks away in the complete opposite direction of her car and just leaves her car there at the stop sign, with the engine running and her trunk open. HAHAHAH we were like WHAT THEEEE. 

- I got a blessing for this terrible cough that I have. I even bought cough syrup. but its not working. *POSITIVE VIBES SISTER CARLSON*

- On saturday our stake had a pioneer day celebration. Which made me miss UT! But it was fun. The Bayside missionaries had a baptism that night so they were filling the font and.........they basically flooded the church. HILARIOUS. pics to come :)

All in all its been a good week! 

When I think back on every week I am so grateful for the eternal perspective of the gospel, and also for God's plan for each of his children. There are hard times, there are trials that although aren't desired, help us grow and make us strong. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are there with each of us every step of the way. They are going to be there to buoy us up. I'm grateful to rely on their strength [Alma 26]. God is good yall.

Peace out.

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