Monday, August 17, 2015

Aug 17th in the 
Newport News, Virginia Mission

This is what missionaries who die their hair 
from a box look like when it doesn't turn out like they 
wanted or like the box said...

Mini mission with recent convert Prettier.  
Yep, that's her name!


Car time!

Calendar they created of what their prospective convert needs to do before her baptismal date. So organized!!!

Driveway tattoo!

Hands of Jesus Statue

Hello, hi.

Well uh...its just been another week in the grind. On Monday Sister Harrison and I dyed our hair. Out of a box. Something I told myself I would never do as a blonde. and then I decided...WHAT THE HECK!! That was a terrible experience but...hilarious. :) We were both kinda ticked after we did it to realize neither of ours looked anything like the box said it would. Shocker, right? But luckily both of ours have faded and we aren't looking as flamboyant as we once were. HAHA YELLOW AND PURPLE HAIR FOR DAYZ.  #noregrets 

Tuesday was the day of conference calls. It seriously felt like that's all we did! Every Tuesday from now on as a matter of fact. We have a district leader call and then an MLC call every Tuesday for the leaders of the mission. That was cool. Wednesday we went on a Mini Mission with a recent convert...which was interesting. 

My favorite part of the week was that the elders had a baptism on Friday and our investigator Rachel came and it just so happened that President and Sister Baker came and she got to meet them! and then on Saturday we set her with a baptismal date of September 12th! So that was just splendid! She is doing so good and just loves the Gospel. I love when people allow the Gospel to change their lives. :) It's just the best ever! Also on Saturday I went to the Urgent care....Sister Baker and my companions orders...they gave me SICK cough syrup. YUCK. I want to cry every time I drinketh of it. But at the doctor's office, the lady at the front desk got to call my Deedle and I was suuuuper jealous/freaking out that she was on the phone with him right in front of my face. He told her to tell me he loves me and hopes I feel better :) Cutie. 

Yesterday we had a good Sabbath- we were driving to church listening to conference CD's and it made me think about how much I stinkin' love Utah and conference and being a Mormon. I love the way that I have been raised. Romans 1:16 I am not ashamed of the gospel. :) 


-Sister Carlson

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