Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December 1st from Nags Head!

Cami and the Hermanas were taking her companion to the mission home to drop off Sister Bassett and they got to go to a Target and she was in heaven! 
5 months without setting foot in a Target!  
She saw this cute Olaf hat and had to try it on.  This is the 2nd week in a row of an Olaf pic. She's a goof!

 Cami got this cute coat, some cute neice and nephew 
pics and a favorite Utah treat from her Sis, Christy!   

 Dinner at Sam and Omies with the Bryants and the Hermanas

 On her way to pick up our new companions with the Hermanas.  This is Sister Johnson. They got to add 2 new ones to their house.  Sister Valez and Sister McDonald.  Now there are 5 girls in their house.  

Cami, Hermana Valdez and Hermana Johnson at the Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving :) Details below.

Cami is showing her love for Hermana Valdez :) 
She already served in Nags Head before Cami got there and earlier 
in her mission so its kinda funny that she got sent back- especially 
because this is her last transfer! 

Happy December 1st!!! :)
Well....this week has been interesting. We dropped another companion off at the mission home last Monday. It was amazing though because we got to Chesapeake like an hour early, so the member that drove us took us to Chick Fil A (YESSSS) and then,...wait for it....we WENT TO TARGET!!!!! First time at Target in 5 months.. you can say I was happy. It pretty much was the best day ever because after we got home from Chesapeake, I came home to 2 packages-one from my sister Christy and my Mama!!! Talk about a good day. Being in a trio with the Hermanas again was so great-I love Hermana Johnson and Hermana Gray SO MUCH. We went to a member in the ward's house for dinner that night and they fed us crab legs, shrimp, clams-the whole Enchilada. Well technically ocean, but anyway it was so delicious. We all gave them "the best meal of our missions" award :) 

On Tuesday we were also in a trio and we went and had a lesson with a Hispanic less active in the ward that the Hermanas have been working with, and then we cleaned up and got the house ready for the new sisters coming to nags head! The Hermanas are now in a trio with Hermana Valdez who has actually already served in nags head and then I got a new companion as well so we had to do a little adjusting to make room for 5 sisters but things are workin out well! On Tuesday night some members took us out to dinner at a local place called Sam and Omies and it was soooo delicious. I got flounder that had been caught that day. YUM. She bought us all dinner, dessert and t shirts! SOOooo kind. We had a good lesson with 2 of our investigators after dinner and they committed to read the book of Mormon and pray to know if its true so we are looking forward to our lesson with them this week to see how that is going. Next on the agenda is getting them to come to church :) we are planning to commit them to a baptismal date this week. 

Wednesday was transfers, we got to Elizabeth City and the transfer van was like 2 hours late so the member that drove us took us out to lunch at Panera bread ha, ha. I got to see my MTC companion sister fife and I just stinkin' love and miss her! I hope we get to be comps again someday. When we got to our area, we went grocery shopping and my comp forgot her card at the house, so we called Brother Kelly to ask him to ask her mom to put money in the account of another card, and we got on the highway to come home after getting the groceries and all the sudden we see brother kellys son Patrick and Kyle driving next to us trying to hand us a credit card through the window! HAHA it was so dang funny! We had already paid for her food and everything but I thought it was so nice of them to go to all that trouble! The ward members are just so loving and willing to do anything for us! 

Thursday was Thanksgiving and it was seriously so much fun! We played in the ward Turkey Bowl and I never realized how much i like to play touch football! Haha. Hermana Valdez and I were the star players ;) For Thanksgiving Dinner, we went over to the Bishops house and ate with him and his family and it was soo yummy. I ate wayy to much dessert but all is well :) YOSO. (you only serve once). 

Saturday was so great-The Hermanas had a baptism!!! :) It was 2 of their investigators that got baptized and i just love to see the glow of someone who has just recently been baptized, and then when they are confirmed its like angels singing. SOOO cool. The church is true. Me and Sister McDonald sang Nearer My God To Thee in Spanish for the baptism-that was a first but Sister McDonald has the most beautiful singing voice! She is a good addition to the ward choir. :) On Sunday I spoke in church on missionary work. Haha. Of course I shed a few tears... or a few 100 :) I wouldn't be Sister Carlson if I didn't cry. Ha, ha! We had choir after church and this week I am so grateful for music and for the way the spirit speaks through powerful, beautiful music. 

I am looking forward to a great month full of the pure love of Christ and happiness joy and love! 

Everyone should look up the video "He is the Gift" that the church has just put out, and #ShareTheGift this month to remember the true meaning of Christmas now and throughout the coming year :) I hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving and have a great first week of December! :)


Sister Carlson 

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