Monday, February 23, 2015

Cami gets made a Trainer!

Last night with Sister Barfuss. :( 
They are celebrating with a little Pizza Party!

Cami and Sister Barfuss made these cute hats (with ears!) with a 
member who taught them how to crochet. 
P-Day fun!  #missionarylife!

This week has been a whirlwind!!! I said goodbye to one comp and hello to a brand new one! I miss Sister Barfuss but I am excited for the great things that are in store for her in NC! She is going to do great. It was super cool the day before she left though, we found 2 new investigators from a member referral so that was super cool! AND they came to church yesterday!!!! And then one of our other investigators came as well. THEN, this lady just walked into the chapel and sat down for the service and I thought to myself, we need to go up and talk to we did and turns out she isn't a member, but she has a really good friend that is a member in Arizona that has been encouraging her to just come to the Mormon church and see what she thinks so yesterday she decided to come and she LOVED IT. She ended up staying all 3 hours of church with us and asked if we could come to her house and teach her and her husband on Thursday. We decided we could pencil that in to our schedule :)))))))))))))))))))))))) GLADLY. God is good.  Transfers were supposed to be on Wednesday but because of the weather they got pushed to Thursday. So Thursday I got my little compita straight from the MTC. I have had lots of de ja vu of when I first came out ha it's going good though! I feel like a parent. Her name is Sister Crawford and she is from Fairbanks, Alaska. The first night she was here we had a lesson with some members who invited some of their nonmember friends over, we watched Finding Faith in Christ and it was really sweet after the lesson the little boy walks up to me and says: "I want to help Jesus." Haha I was like heck ya! Me too!!!! I am looking forward to a good week this week. Over the past couple weeks there have been a few sisters who have come to the bishop and asked for help in becoming active in the church again and so we have a couple lessons this week with them and then hopefully lots of lessons with investigators! I started the book of mormon again this week. I looooooooooooooooooOoOoOoOoOOOOoOOoOoVE it. Have a blessed week!!!! :))))) 

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