Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Still got the baking skills!

Cami took her work experience and made some candy bouquets for some members in 
Poquoson for them to deliver at Valentine's Day.  Walmart lost out on that sale! :)

Happy February 9th!!!

This week has been good, I finished the Doctrine and Covenants....probably the coolest thing of my life. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. I am reading the Bible now and I have faith to finish it on my mission so it is going to take some dedication but si se puede is my new motto. I can do it :) 
We had some good lessons with some less active members this week and then on Friday it was literally as if God himself was showing us where to go. We went over to one of the members house's to ask where a referral they had given us lived and her son answered the door and he told us that she was over at the referrals house! He told us it was a blue trailer with a white car out front on the next street over. So we think it should be pretty easy to find..until there are 2 blue trailers with a white car out front. So we just decided to knock both of them and the first one didn't end up being her, but it ended up being a lady that is super interested in learning about the gospel and told us to come back this week. YESSSS. So then we go to the other trailer and find them but the referral wasn't there. We are hoping to get in touch with her this week, but I think it was definitely inspired for us to meet the lady that lived in the other blue trailer! Then we were about to leave the trailer park but we see a former investigator walking into her house so we decide to pull over and go talk to her and the whole time we were there she just kept saying: "I have been waiting for you to come to my house!! I am so blessed that you came here! I am ready to be baptized." I can't think of any better words that missionaries like to hear! Haha HAPPY DAY!!! She agreed to a return appointment and wants her daughter to take the lessons as well! Later that night we went and visited a less active and found out that her daughter isn't baptized so we are going to start teaching her this week as well....and there are just miracles abound in Poquoson, I tell ya! 
I am so happy that Heavenly Father is trusting us with these people and it feels so good to help them. I just love it. Moral of the story, I LOVE TRAILER PARKS and missionary work. They go together like PB and honey :)))))))) 
I'm looking forward to a great week and hope ya'll are too as well!!

XOXOX, Sista C

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