Tuesday, February 17, 2015

 Duck Dynasty beard.  Love those Cami eyes!

A whole lot of silly going on here!

It's Sister Fife!  Cami's MTC Comp!

These were all at the Sister's Conference.  Looks like they had a GREAT time!

Cami's District

Are we casting evil spirits out of the baptistry here?  Not really sure! :)

Greetings from the North Pole!!!!

My name is Sister Frozen Icicle of the world. Nice to meet ya. life is treating me pretty good in Poquoson, it snowed here LOTS yesterday and last night, and it makes me so happy! Kinda looks like UT :))))) The only thing is that EVERYTHING in Poquoson is closed. I am emailing from a members Ipad. It feels weird to use technology. I apologize in advance for all the typos that are about to go down. 
Last Tuesday we had a sisters conference which was super good! I got to see lots of my fun friends from all over the mission and President Baker is just the best person. He told us a story about his Grandkids saying silly stuff and showed a picture of them sitting on the porch and spilling their otter pops and being funny and he said "Ya know what, sometimes you are going to spill your otter pop or say something funny, and Heavenly Father is still going to love you no matter what and that's how i feel about you Sisters!" I've had that stuck in my head all week,..."it's OK to spill your otter pop Sister Carlson...Heavenly Father still loves you." The rest of our week was just so great.  
On Wednesday we were contacting potential investigators and one of them let us in and we had a lesson, which is super rare might I add so that was miraculous! They are pretty active in their church but we musn't give up! :) On Saturday we found a new investigator!!!! YES. We met her the week before last in the trailer park when we were trying to find one of the members of the ward and we had a member out with us and we thought that we should just go over and set up a time to have a lesson, and then she just let us right in and we taught her The Restoration! It was cool too because as we were talking she goes "This seems really familiar...." and then goes: "Wait! You're from the Mormon church?! I used to go to that church when I was little! These young guys used to come over and teach my Mom, but they wore suits!" As we taught she would tear up and she said she knows that we were led to her trailer for a reason and that this is something that she needs in her life. We agreed :) 
Also on Saturday we got transfer calls and....Sister Barfuss is getting transferred to Greenville, NC....and I am going to train a new missionary!......PRAY FOR ME. Sunday we found another new investigator. God is good my friends. Yesterday a member of the ward taught us how to crotchet! We are making this really cool hat/hood thing with bear ears. Its hard but I like it :) Except for when I mess up 3 times in a row and have to start over. Ha, ha I think that's all for this week :) I love ya'll!!!

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