Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Historic Yorktown, Virginia!

Riding the Trolley in Yorktown.

Ben and Jerry's

Havin fun on the battle grounds.

These things that stick out of the hill so that the enemy cant get up the hill! 
They are like cement....

That awkward moment when our door handle just falls off..........

Inchy the inch worm :)

Breakfast at Owen's

some more of the view.....

The windows were super cool and all coastal like!

Wow we are haulin through April!
Como estas. This week was greeeeeeeat. Wondaful. where to start...we had lots of good lessons which is always nice. the weather has been beautiful and its hilarious because all these inch worms just started coming out of nowhere! We got back from exercising one morning outside and there was just a little inch worm at the bottom of my pony tail...of course at first I freaked out and then i was like hey you're a pretty cute little guy! :) we aren't allowed to keep pets though...so i took some pics, waited for my comp to get out of the shower, and then tossed him outside. then the rest of the week they were all over our car, inside and outside hanging from trees..they will randomly just be on our skirt or one of the Elder's ties....bahahah we are like obsessed with them they are so cute! good times. we name all of them "inchy." Saturday we went on exchanges and it was way good! I went with Sister Romney. She is from Idaho. We stayed in Poquoson and Sister Crawford went to Newport News with Sis. Romney's companion. It was super fun on Saturday morning some members took us out to breakfast on the waterfront at a place called "Owen's Marina"- we went around like 730 and it was seriously the prettiest thing i have ever seen! The sun was still coming up and the water was just like glass. I just sat and stared. I am so grateful Heavenly Father called me to labor in such a beautiful place :) Throughout the rest of the exchange we tracted and met some great people! Mostly, :) haha! Sister Romney is way cool though- we tracted into a Hispanic family and she just busts out the Spanish and has this full on conversation with them....I was just like hi....................I'm super white...........hahaha! I tried to follow. It was a fun day though! We volunteered at the nursing home and played bingo, and then Sister Romney played the piano for a little while and the old ladies were just jammin' out to hymns! I was laughing so hard. Missionary work is de best. and so is the gospel. peace and blessings!!!!

-Sister Carlson

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