Monday, April 6, 2015

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!!!

 Cami throwing away her Born Shoes.  
They served her well, but it was time! 

 This is the Ethereal Cupcake place Cami talks about in her letter below.  

A little P-Day shopping trip.  
Easter hats and matching Easter Glasses!

No mail!  Message me or email me if you'd like her address!

A Beautiful sunny day in Poquoson!  This is their apt. complex.  
How would I know that?  Thank you Google Earth! HA!

The Easter Box made it!  With her Easter outfit safe and sound! 
This is what it looked like after the mailman kicked it to the other side of the country.  

Prayer Jars.  If you'd like to send her some slips of paper of things you need, 
maybe it helps more if missionaries pray for it! I think I'll try it!  

        The girls figured they would spread the word that Jesus lives as they drive around.  

                 It's mobile advertising.  Did I teach this girl right, or what??? HA! 
Now this week, the Elder's have the car, so I guess they will have to wash it off.  
Good thinking girls!

The Sister's hanging out with the Brimhall Family Saturday night!

                                       Easter Morning with a walk on York Beach.  

He lives!

Their neighbor made them Hungarian Sweet Bread for good!

This was Cami's favorite meme.  She asked me to post it on her blog.  
Elder Holland is her favorite Apostle.  
What a blessed week it has been! It started out so great last week for Pday Sister Fairchild took us shopping and to this cupcake shop called Ethereal ya best cupcakes I have ever eaten in my entire life. Which is a bold statement. I got the "Resurrection Chocolate" haha I was like hey how fitting for the week of Easters! and ya i about died and came back to life it was delicioso. :))))))))))) stay tuned for pics of that. Sister Fairchild got "The Snow princess" and then Sister Crawford was a little bit sick so she didn't get anything :/ hopefully she will get the chance in the future to try it though! I fully intend to go back to that place. Good start to the week. THEN, we found a new investigator which always makes life great! Sharing the gospel has been especially fun this week because everyone has been in the spirit of Easter so were able to share the Because He Lives video tons people and it was a great opportunity to talk about Jesus Christ with everyone we talked to regardless of religion! I never get tired of that video! I get chills head to toe every time I watch it. On Friday we had the opportunity to fast as a ward family for 3 members who are battling cancer. It was incredible to have such an important reason to fast because I wasn't even hungry! I don't know if it was the thought that I was fasting for someone who had trials larger than my selfish hunger or what but it has never felt so good to fast. That night we broke our fast with some members who had invited us over for dinner with a couple other families and they had a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt which was way cool! General Conference was everything I anticipated and more! I can't believe it has already been 6 whole months since the last Gen Conf.....but AHHHHHH it was so great! This morning during studies I was reviewing my notes and came up with 5 themes and my 6 favorite talks [I couldn't narrow the fav talks down to 5 so i did 6 haha!]

5 major themes:
1. Importance of temple marriage and family- This is the best way to obtain fullness of joy in     this life and the world to come
2. Gaining and maintaining conversion/Endure to the end
3. We are simply not enough without the Atonement
4. Focus on what truly matters
5. OBEY out of LOVE for HIM
Top 6 fav talks: [order has not been decided :)]
1. Kevin W. Pearson
2. Brent H. Nelson
3. Pres. Uchtdorf
4. L. Tom Perry
5. Linda K. Burton
6. Wilford W. Anderson
So yep. The church is true. Have a great week ya'll!

Your Sister in the Faith, Sister Carlson

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