Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tomorrow is December 1st.......................WHAT???

A Nature Walk on Thanksgiving Day!

Beautiful Virginia!

Making Christmas Cookies

Sister's Christmas Tree

Ya, I have brown hair. 

Failed attempt at watching the sunrise!!!

Happy Christmas season!!

It has been a great week! I can't remember very much of what we did this last week because I left my planner back at our apartment...

We went on exchanges with the Hermanas! That is always a good time.

The night before Thanksgiving we found a Christmas tree in our apartment! Bonus!!!  
We put that up real quick.

Thanksgiving was good! Some sweet members took us out to this really nice restaurant in Williamsburg called Seafare. Yum!

On Friday night some members of our ward invited us over to make Christmas cookies to deliver to people (pictures above)...I LOVE CHRISTMAS---and the spirit of giving!

Saturday...I died my hair BROWN. Yep, I sure did.  I have gotten a lot braver on my mission so I thought I'd try it for now.

This morning we went to try and watch the sunrise in Poquoson for a sisters pday...but it was so rainy and cold...and there was no sun to rise, really.  We were all bundled up trying to stay warm, as you can see in the pics above. :)

This morning we went out to breakfast at this yummy delicious place called First Watch and the cutest little old couple paid for our meal!!!! Seriously made our day. 


-Xo Sister C

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