Monday, August 25, 2014

Hi beautiful beloved friends and family!!! :)
WOW what a week. I feel like I always start my emails that way haha but there are so many blessings and emotions that come with each week that I don't even really know where to begin other than just saying how grateful I am. Me and Sister Garvin have been trying to work with members as best we can and our efforts are finally starting to pay off! Last Wednesday we got a call from a member in a ward randomly saying that he has a friend that wanted to meet with us. Let's just talk about how HUGE of a miracle that is. We were so excited when we were talking with him on the phone that we didn't even ask his name but we went and taught him a lesson that night and he is so prepared by the lord!!!! He quit smoking, came to church on Sunday, and wants to be baptized. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. He is so incredible and I am feel so humbled that the Lord trusts us with such a precious soul. On Thursday we got up for our morning run and we have been trying to be the most diligent obedient missionaries we can so we got up and started on our daily run and it started to just down pour! at first we were like maybe we should go back home...and then we were like NO we are not going inside we are going to exercise and be obedient and then we came up with this saying: OBEDIENCE OR DIE...or for short we say o.o.d. some weird looks but that's nothing out of the ordinary :) Oh and I just have to say that I spilled chocolate protein shake all over my big Preach My Gospel. Haha.. so that's cool. no worries though I ordered a new one so life is okay again. We had a member take us to lunch on Thursday and she took us to this place called the Beachside Bistro and it was probably the best thing ever because I finally got to see the ocean!!! From a distance of course. But I was so excited to just be able to see and hear the waves. I can't wait to come back and be able to go in the water someday! On Saturday we did some service for an investigator/ less active family in their yard and it was hard work and super humid but we were so happy to help them out and it looks so good! We did it with a recent convert and a member of our ward (the recent convert is their home teacher) and it was just a really great opportunity. On Saturday night we taught the investigator we met on Wednesday from our member referral and took him on a church tour and showed him the new Mormon Message that we are obsessed with (hope of Christ's light) and he seemed to really enjoy it and we had a really good lesson with him. Yesterday (Sunday) was probably the best day that I have experienced on my mission this far. We had 4 investigators at church and 2 less actives. HALLELUJAH!!! We were so overwhelmed with joy. Our zone leaders told us in our call last night that our zone reached the highest number of member present lessons in this past week than in all of our zone's history which is such a blessing! It's so important to build the kingdom and not just maintain it. Last night we had the opportunity to go to support the Hermanas at their Spanish sacrament meeting and that was such an incredible experience! I'm pretty much professional at singing hymns in Spanish in case anyone was wondering...I know my older brother Matt will be happy to hear that :) It really was so cool though. They had a program with the English translation for all the talks so we could follow along in English and the spirit was so strong. The gospel is still just as true in Spanish my amigos!! ;) This week really was so great and I am so grateful to be able to help others come unto Christ because truly everyone needs it no matter who they are, or what they are going through- the gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer. Yesterday, a member of our ward Brother Kelly said: "You can't judge people, it's just not right." I thought that was so simple yet so profound :) Hope ya'll have a great week!

Love, Sister Carlson :)

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