Monday, August 18, 2014

Hi Everyone!

This week has been interesting...but good :) on P-day last week we went to the Bodie Island light house and that was great! The Hermanas from Elizabeth City and the Sister training leaders came with us and the Hermanas and we had a "Sisters P-day." That night we had dinner with an older couple in the ward whose family does yachts and stuff and so they fed us fresh caught tuna and shrimp which was uhhhmazing! The seafood is the BOMB here. On Wednesday night we were so excited because one of our investigators with a baptismal date is 12 and she came to young women's. It was so good to have her there in the church and start to get her involved. They have been out of town for most weekends and haven't had the opportunity to get to church so it was good to finally get her in there with other people she can relate to. Hopefully they will come to church this next Sunday :) On Thursday we had a lesson planned with a guy we met in a gas station. HaHa. We just randomly started talking to him and he was really interested and wanted to come to church but he didn't show at the lesson and we were super bummed because we had two members come with us and everything but everything happens for a reason! And that reason was made known unto us when we ended up running into another investigator when we would have been teaching the guy that bailed so we have learned to just go with the flow and let the Lord be in charge! :) Later that night we helped a recent convert move...we are sad to see her go, she was just baptized in June before I got here and she is wanting to attend seminary and go to the temple to do baptisms so hopefully she will do that in the new place that she lives! We made her a book full of pictures and quotes from the Ensign Magazines and wrote our testimonies in the back and also gave her a talk. So hopefully she will continue to be a strong faithful member. On Friday we had district meeting in Currituck...always a good time. On the way home we were thinking of all the things that "CTR" could stand for and these are some of the things we thought of :)

choose the right (obviously :))

current temple recommend

christ the redeemer

choose to (be) ready

call to repent

cause to rejoice

come to rest

call to rescue

curb the rebellion

claim the redeemer

carry the righteous

called to reach out

celebrate the restoration

courage to repent

contact, tract, role play (more of a missionary one haha)

claim the reward

choose to remember

clean through rightousness

That's what we do for fun, haha!! On Friday night we threw a surprise birthday party for one of our favorite people Brother Kelly! It was also his 3 year mark in the church since he has been baptized and so we had to celebrate!

I hope everything is going good at home! Being here has helped me appreciate the strong ward and leaders that I have in my home ward and I am so grateful for all of you! Keep spreading the gospel and building the Kingdom of God!! :)

Oh I forgot to mention that Sister Garvin told me that I teach lessons/ bear my testimony and say prayers in my sleep hahaha!

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