Monday, October 20, 2014

Cami's new Companion-Sister Bassett at a cottage on the beach!  
Yes, that is the surf behind them.

Yummy Fried Twinkies at the Seafood Festival on the Outer Banks.  
Residents call it  the OBX!


Stinkin' good week this week! I am loving my great comp Sister Bassett and living with Hermana Gray and Hermana Johnson! They are such good examples and so much fun to be around. Like seriously I feel so blessed!! 

The tender mercies of this week started on Pday, with one of the members in our ward. A few weeks ago she brought a non-member to the fish fry and we were able to talk with her and get to know her, and next thing we know, she gives her friend, who is the member of our ward, some money to give to us and the Hermanas for a little extra spendin cash! SO KIND. So on Pday, we went out to lunch together at this bomb sandwich place called Jersey Mike's and then went and got some frozen yogurt at Surfin Spoon! :) We are just so grateful to that person for being so kind towards us and she isn't even a member! *BLESS-ED*. 

Tuesday we went and did service for one of the members in our ward and I just not only love doing service but love doing it for this specific member because she is so sweet and welcoming!! People are so great.. If there's one thing that I have learned on my mission so far, it is the type of member I want to be when I return home! I am going to have the missionaries over every day. Haha. 

On Wednesday we went to English class with the Hermanas at Spencer Yachts and it is just the greatest thing. I absolutely love that! They are so much fun to be around and SO HUMBLE and the next day was Hermana Gray's birthday and one of them gave her this little cheesecake and it was the nicest thing of my life! Good people are so great. 

On Thursday we went and a lesson and dinner with a recent convert and it was so cool because we went to his family's cottage on the beach and it was like amazing! I was like hmm... I could get used to this.. it was great though and the rest of his family aren't members but they are such great people and we just loved being around them! Thursday was Hermana Gray's birthday and it was so much fun! We baked her a German Chocolate Cake and decorated their study room with all these balloons and stuff and it was so fun to be able to celebrate with her! :) I am now the youngest of the house...19 year old reppin. 

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go to the Seafood Festival for dinner with Sister Hoffman and that was the experience of lifetime!! There was a ton of fresh fish and it was incredible because we ended up running into someone we have been wanting to have a lesson with at The Festival and we ended up setting up a dinner appointment with her this week and we are going to make soap! We are super excited for that! Also on Saturday night after planning we were getting ready for bed and all the sudden the fire alarm starts chirping...and we were like GREAT! Haha, we couldn't leave and didn't know what to do because we didn't want it to keep us up all night.  The wonderful Brother Paul Kelly came to the rescue with a 9 volt battery and we were able to sleep that night :) 

There are so many tender mercies each day and it has been humbling to live so close to the spirit to be able to recognize Heavenly Fathers hand so evidently in my life. I am just so grateful for all ya'll and all the support you show me! It makes me smile every time I get to see a picture from home or get on and see so many emails! I LOVE YA'LL! Have the best week ever... peace and blessings from the east coast!! :)

Much love, Sister Carlson :)

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