Monday, October 6, 2014

 This week's adventures took the girls to the Wright Bros. Museum
 The museum is literally, in their back yard and rich with flight history.
Cami and Sister Amber Garvin during her last full week on her mission.
Sounds like a plan to me!

Hello Everyone!

I just have to start by thanking everyone who writes me each week because I am sitting in the library busting up laughing at the things ya'll say and so happy to see cute pictures of everyone! It truly is the highlight of my week. Thanks for being the best fam and friends ever!! :) Your support means the world to me.  
This week has been crazy busy but great. Right after emailing last week we started to pack up our old house and started moving stuff into the new house and let me tell you that was an all week project. We just barely got mostly settled in yesterday to the new house-still a few things to do but at least we have most of it done. They say you learn a lot of things on your mission--I learned from this experience that I want to do as LITTLE moving in my life as possible. :) 
We got to go to Portsmouth in Virginia on Wednesday and watch the new "Meet the Mormons" movie and it was so so good! You all should go and see it!  It's funny because it talks about 6 different Mormons around the world and one of them flies an airplane and does a "candy drop" and he goes over Elizabeth City, North Carolina which is like an hour away from my area and where we go every first Friday of the month for Zone meeting. And then the last story is about a missionary from Salt Lake that gets called to South Africa...and for anyone who knows me knows I have a very special part of my heart in South Africa. :) Haha so it was kinda funny that out of all the places in the world, those two and Salt Lake were two of the places!! After watching the movie us and the Hermanas went to dinner at Chic-Fil-A and it was like the happiest moment of my life! We don't have a Chic-Fil-A in Nags Head so it was like a delicacy. Haha, pathetic I know. Don't judge. 
General Conference was BOMB as usual. Elder Bednar's talk was my favorite. It was fun/interesting to be somewhere other than Utah and watch it broadcast from Salt Lake. Different, but I liked it. :) 
Last night was transfer calls and today is kind of sad because it is Sister Garvin's last day in the mission field :( She flies home to the good ol SLC tomorrow at 7 am! I am going to be staying in my beloved area of Nags Head and my new companion is Sister Bassett! This coming transfer is her last transfer in the field so we will only be comps for 7 weeks but I look forward to the fun times and hard work I will get to share with her! :) .....Kind of interesting that I keep getting comps that are almost done with their mission haha. But, all is well :) Transfers don't actually happen until Thursday, so I am going to be in a trio with the Hermanas that we live with from today until Thursday! All of their investigators are probly going to be like: "Who's this white girl that doesn't even speak Spanish?" Ha,ha!!! It will be fun though I'm excited! :) 
It seems like everyone is doing well.
I keep ya'll constantly in my prayers and am so grateful for each of you! Have the best week ever!! :)))
All My Love,
Sister Carlson :)

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