Monday, January 19, 2015

Cami in Poquoson, Virginia

We don't get to see any of her this week, just her apartment!

Living room

Dresser and closet in bedroom


Hey y'all!

I'm here and happy to report I have accomplished another week as a happy and grateful missionary! I love how much I love this area. 

Last week on Monday we had a super fun day- there are some members in the ward who let us come over on p-days and do laundry and write letters and it felt like I was just hangin' out at home which is always a good feeling! They just had a daughter in the mission field and so they like to take care of the missionaries. :) On Monday night we had dinner with some members in the ward that live on base which was suuuuuper cool- we had to go through security and this big legit looking guy with a rifle across his chest checked our I.D...Ha,ha I was like heck ya this is sweet! I like serving around service men and women. GOD BLESS AMERICA. 

On Tuesday we went and played bingo at the nursing home with like 10 old ladies haha...and anyone who knows me knows that I love old people so that was a good time! We had to literally scream so they could hear...."B89!!!!!!" they kept getting "B" and "G" mixed up.. all is well though, haha. That night we had dinner with the Fairchilds who are super awesome and Sister Fairchild is literally the sweetest person I have ever met! She is so willing to do anything for us. Along with the rest of the ward! 

On Wednesday we went to the Stake center and did family history training because the Stake President wants all the missionaries to be trained how to do it so we can teach others and I liked learning about that! 

On Thursday we had a really good day full of 5 lessons which was super cool! I love to keep busy and workin' hard so it was a good day! 

But basically to sum it up I just love the gospel and Poquoson!!! Here's to another great week! :)

Xo, Sister Carlson

Awesome Sister Tacketts sent us this picture of her taking Cami and her companion, Sister Barfuss to lunch today.  Cute missionaries!!! Actually, I think she was just trying to give me a heads up that today was a holiday and that the libraries were closed and to not FREAK OUT and call the mission home when I didn't hear from her on schedule.  I don't know what the big deal was, I only did that once while Matt was on his mission and now it's the family joke! HA!

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