Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March forth with Faith!

Lots of snow pics this week.  They have LOTS of snow in Poquoson.  It shut the schools down all week and grounded their car on the week they got the car!  Good thing she is a good driver and has experience driving in snow!

A sweet sister brought the sisters dinner in, when they were apartment bound.  

Kids in their apartment brushing snow off their car.  They thought that was so nice!

Might as well do some service while everything is shut down!
Gotta love shoveling snow in a dress!

I just had to remind myself that its not February anymore when I was writing the date...HAPPY MARCH YA'LL!!! :)))))))))))))))

life is going great. this week was so good. First week with my lovely trainee and the lord is blessing us!!! Let me whip out my planner so i can remember all that i want to talk about. 

We had a super good lesson with a recent move in/less active on Tuesday. Can I just say what a humbling experience it is, to walk into a strangers home and sit and cry with them and have them trust you completely?! There are no words to describe. 

On Thursday the snow sort of put us down and out. Our car was grounded, so one of the ward missionaries came and got us a brought us to her house and we shoveled driveways and tried to stay productive!! The snow is pretty though! :) 

On Saturday I had a pretty interesting experience. Good interesting. During district meeting we were talking about how as missionaries, we are the Lords hands. Later that day we were at the nursing home doing service and one of our investigators called and I answered and she explained that she was having a really hard time and that she needed help. As a 19 year old girl...I had to no idea what to say in order to comfort her. I have NO IDEA what she is going through. I've never experienced even half of the things she was talking to me about. And for a moment, despite all of my shortcomings, I caught a small glimpse of how the Savior must feel when we come to him and ask for help. The whole time I was on the phone with her I was just praying that I would be "be his hands" and be able to talk to her how the Savior would talk to her and comfort her the way he would. It was hard. But it was something that I will never forget. I think its so interesting that although the Lord is all knowing, all powerful, and could do anything that he wants really, he gives US (human beings) the opportunity to perform service and acts of kindness and love for our brothers and sisters. He gives us our agency and the power to follow him, and show our love through obedience so we can learn and grow and become like him. I've come to realize that the gospel is what life is all about. It's the whole reason that we are here :) 

Yesterday we had 3 investigators at church and 4 less actives! That's the most I have ever had come and it just felt so good to know that the spirit is touching them and making a difference in their lives like it is mine. I hope ya'll have a great week!

Your sister in the faith, Sister Carlson

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