Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Easter from the Poquoson, Virginia Missionaries!

    Goofy Elders!

 The Elders play this game on P-Day that the sisters are not allowed to play 
and it's called Oompa Loompa.  They made jerseys for it out of old dress shirts 
and they made jerseys for the Sisters so they wouldn't feel left out. Cute!

All the boys are touching but don't get too close to those girls!!! HA!

That's my girl!!! Bo BLUE!  Even in Virginia!

 This is Cami and her Companion shopping with Taryn Fairchild, a nice lady in Poquoson who was kind enough to take them shopping today.  They are SHOE shopping, can't you tell?  (Cami's continued 18 month vaca!)  Taryn sends me this text saying...we are having a BLAST!  She could be my personal shopper!  I never buy myself stuff.  I find a lot more when I'm with someone who knows how to shop.  Ha, ha!  She certainly found the right girl for that job!!!  Enjoy her while you have her Taryn! My wardrobe is starting to suffer along about now.  I had to promise Cami that I wouldn't make any major clothes purchases while she was gone! I kind of need her back to straighten me out! #shoppergirl!

What no shoes?  This is Sister Carlson NOT finding any shoes.  By the looks 
of her bank account, I believe she found some shortly after this picture was taken! 
The shopper girl prevails!

This is Cami's sad face when her sparkle gel pen runs out of ink.  
She's written so many notes with it, she ran it completely out!  Bone dry!  
Darn!  Time to go to Target again...Taryn!!!!!

This is my sweet, hard working missionary, Cami Girl...this morning saying goodbye from the Poquoson, VA Library...and just like that...Poof! She's gone for another week!

Yeah, you're right, I kind of miss her a LOT this week.  I think it was the General Women's Broadcast that did it.  One more Women's Gen Conf. Broadcast and my 'date' will be home!   We're half way home.  It's going pretty fast...I guess...faster for you than me! :)

And this is Cami's Easter Box...I think this just might be our best one yet! :)

I hope she likes it.  It was so fun to put together!

And now, a few words from Sister Carlson!


What a blessed week it has been. Full of every emotion on the human spectrum. But...I love it. This week I am grateful for the eternal perspective that the gospel gives me. I am reading "Our Search for Happiness" by Elder Ballard and I obsessed. A. because modern and personal revelation is the best thing ever.  and B. although there are many differences between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and other churches, I firmly believe that what sets us apart [as Elder Ballard mentions] is that it all comes down to the great blessing of having an eternal perspective. Regardless of what we suffer and endure in this life, it is only a small moment compared to our entire eternal existence. We are able to be truly happy as members of the church because we know that all will be made right. We trust in God and humbly submit to his will. I am also grateful for the testimony I have of the priesthood and for the complete faith I have in the leaders of the church. I truly could not be more grateful for worthy men who faithfully fulfill this sacred duty. This weekend I was filled with happiness when I watched the General Women's broadcast and it was all about families and the divine roles women are privileged to play. I am so grateful for my fambam, and for the Christ centered home I was raised in, and that i get to be here, helping others have it in their homes as well :) I am grateful for Jesus Christ. After learning so much about his love and continuing to do so, it has become easy and natural to just simply trust him. Someone wise told me a couple months ago: "Don't sweat the small stuff- and by the way, its all small stuff." :) the gospel is my happiness. I am so truly happy and grateful and full of love. And for anyone who is wondering....THE CHURCH IS TRUE.

........................and thats my piece :) Have the best week ever and........WATCH CONFERENCE!!!! :)
Your sister in the faith, Sister Carlson :))))))))
Quote of the week:
"The Lord has enough wagon riders...He needs more wagon pushers. Be a wagon pusher."

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