Monday, May 18, 2015

Goodbye Poquoson!

Pics of Colonial Williamsburg

Cami's Mission Mom in Poquoson!

This lady worked at the post office that Cami frequented in Poquoson.  She had some cute earrings on that Cami commented on.  The next thing Cami knew, this sweet lady took them off and gave them to Cami.  She told her that they belonged to her mother who had recently died and that she wanted Cami to have them because Cami had a special spirit about her!  Such a precious memory.  Cami had to go and tell her good-bye before she left Poquoson. 

Saying her final goodbyes to the great 
folks of Poquoson was hard.  

Hello Kempsville, Virginia!



Cami is loving her nice big closet!

And nice big bathroom!

Cami and her new companion, Sister Thornton!  

And this was their life yesterday along with 70% humidity!

Hello from Kempsville VA!!

Remember that one time when I got shotgunned into an area?........Because I do! (someone is snoring the library right now, its fine) Life is Good. Crazy. Fun. Wild. and Hilarious here :) I am loving it. Me and my comp are already having so much fun so there are definitely good things in store this transfer! It's so much bigger than Poquoson! All I have to say is that whoever invented GPS deserves to go to the Celestial Kingdom. Like WOW. Blessed. 

Last Monday was way good, Sister Fairchild took me and Sister Crawford to Colonial Williamsburg which was so cool!!!! When I come back and visit my mission, I want to devote like 2 full days just to Williamsburg because there is so much to see! It's huge! She took us to lunch at this restaurant called Food for Thought. Coolest place ever. It is full of US History. 

Tuesday was a day full of sadness and tears. Lots of "last lessons" with investigators and less actives that I love SO MUCH. I miss everyone from Poquoson like crazy.  

Wednesday was transfers. We went to breakfast with Sister Fairchild (yes she's the best) at a place in Suffolk called the Broken Egg. YUM. Then I got my new comp, we loaded our stuff into our car and headed off to Kempsville. I must point out how grateful I am to have a car full time and a washer and dryer in our apartment!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah my. It's the best thing that ever happened. And we've got the whole "2 bathroom 2 closet" thing goin' on! its the liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife. its been pretty interesting trying to get everything figured out on our own. But we're getting there. :) 

Yesterday we woke up to go to church, walk outside, and our car is gone. Um, what?! Come to find out it got towed because we didn't have a parking sticker on it that no one told us about. So then we had to go to this super sketchy place to get it back...ya. it was interesting. BUT ALL IS WELL! We are looking forward to a good week! Sweet is the work!

Your sister in the faith, Sister Carlson

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