Monday, October 26, 2015

Last week of October and last transfer in 
Newport News, Virginia...

Sister P-Day last week!

Virginia Chesapeake Mission Pumpkin.

Cami's pumpkin and a Lighthouse Pumpkin.

Sister Baker teaching with the sisters!

All of Cami's favorite people in Poquoson.  

Bill and Kim are spreading the good word...and the gospel.

One of Cami's favorite investigator, Prettier! Yep, that's her name! Cute, huh!

Sunrise on the beach this morning...

Last sunrise before Sister Harrison touches down in SLC!


My companion goes into the mission home today at like 4 and flies home TOMORROW. I'm going to miss this chick! This week has been sweet! Our mission President and his wife were in our area for interviews with our zone so on Tuesday, so the mission Presidents wife came out proselyting with Sister Harrison and I, which was way good. I love Sister Baker. I had my interview with President Baker on's funny how different all my interviews have been. Some are more personal focused on me and my personal well being.. but this one, since I am a Sister Training Leader seemed to be more about the well being of other missionaries and the obedience of my district/zone. So that was a good, new perspective to have. This week is transfers and I am just bummed because a lot of my homies are getting transferred. Or finishing their missions. BUT, I am super stoked about my new companion Sister Johanson. We are going to have a good time together here in the News. :) The rest of the week was normal. On Wednesday night one of the members took us to the new PF changs. Which was super fun. Haven't felt that fancy in a while..OH MY HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK on Saturday i went to Poquoson to see Bill baptize his mom and niece!!!! SO COOL!!!! the gospel just spreads like wildfire! :) on a less happy note, yesterday we walked out to our car before church and our car was like all messed up inside! I guess we forgot to lock it and someone just went through all of our stuff and left our car looking like a mess! They didn't take anything as far as we know....we were like uhhhhh...........hahahah. So weird. Anyway....Have a blessed week yall!

-Sister C

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