Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 2015!

Got the Wedding Invite...not super happy about it but wishing them well...

                         Same thing happened to her Companion.  Misery loves company!

Baby Huskies!

We sent them a 'fall box'

Apparently they loved their BYU shirts the most!!! :)

We sent decorations for their apartment.  Looks like they put them to good use.

Cami's district and some of her favorite people.  
She is working with so many great people as a Sister Trainer Leader.  

Not really sure what is going on here...???

The girls had another fun P-day in Williamsburg

Oh no!  The sisters are in trouble!!!

YA so.....when did it become October.

Ya'll will be happy to know that I didn't get washed away in hurricane Joaquin...although, it was close. :) On Thursday we were told to be prepared to evacuate with 5 days worth of clothes, and 2 gallons of water per missionary. We went to Walmart to get water (not our brightest idea) and it was stinkin' packed! and lets just say there was NO WATER. except for that which was pouring from the sky. it seriously has been raining for like 4 or 5 days straight. And this girl doesn't even have rain boots. It has been kinda fun though and the temperature/humidity has dropped a ton so that has been great-I love the Fall here. 

General Conference weekend rocked, we went to Café Rio between the Saturday sessions to get the ultimate Utah Mormon experience. Last Monday we went to Williamsburg and that was sweet!! It was like Mormon central...seriously everyone wanted to take our pictures and send them to our moms....most people don't usually know who we are so that made us feel pretty cool. :) 

Also this week we had MLC. that was good. Friday was Zone meeting. Sister Harrison and I gave a training on "Faith to find through Members.." and basically the moral of that story is that everyone needs to just share their friends with the missionaries and life would be smooth sailin'! Ready, go!

Have a blessed week yall!!

-Sista C

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