Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I found her letter!!! I just KNEW she wouldn't forget us! :)

HAPPYYYY Monday y'all.

This week has been long. Not even going to lie. We dropped 7 investigators. So that was stinky. We had a good zone conference though on Wednesday! Sister Harrison and I sang a musical number with the Gloucester sisters...A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief to the tune of I Know That My Redeemer Lives. :) And then right after our special musical number we gave a training on effective companion study. so basically it was like the sister Harrison and the sister Carlson show for like a half hour. haha It went well though and I am always so grateful for Zone Conference because I always hear more than what is said. 

On Saturday we went on exchanges with the Hermanas. I went to their area...and I still don't speak Spanish. I am learning some stuff though! We went to a Spanish baptism of the Elders and I just sat there. Haha. I noticed in the closing prayer that the guy said "fiesta"...after, I asked the Hermanas- did that guy just say fiesta in the closing prayer? and they said "ya, he said there is a party in Heaven!" to which I said: "que linda!" which means "how cute." :) 

I liked Womens Conference on Saturday. I can't believe Gen. Conf. is already this weekend. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Anyways, these were my faves:

-there are 2 important days of a Woman's life; the day she is born, and the day she finds out why.

-divine nature prompts us to reach out and do for others

-see the good qualities and ignore the rest

-forever is composed of NOW

-move forward and upward...even when things don't work out.

-focus on the miracles and wonders of life

-God didn't design us to be sad

-the best things like homemade bread and orange marmalade take patience and time. :)

- No matter what has happened in the past, your story can have a happy ending

- with such a bright future, why worry about past or present challenges?

-exercise faith by filling your life with proactive, meaningful, fulfilling things

and that's all she wrote. literally.


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