Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Last night us and the Hermanas and one of the recent converts of our ward watched the CES fireside on Mormon.org at the church and...you know you're a missionary when you get excited for firesides, devotionals, Gen Conf, etc. :) It really was so good! D. Todd Christofferson talked about losing our lives for the Lord, and by doing so we will find it and it really hit home to me that losing our lives in the service of not only others, but to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is where we will find ourselves because we will grow and become people where there will be more of ourselves to find. Heavenly Father makes us more. 

This week I have gained a great appreciation for the Atonement. Me and Sister Garvin have talked a lot with each other and also members about how repentance can often be looked at as something negative or embarrassing--when really it is the most important thing in our lives on this earth. We should be repenting daily for even just the smallest things so that we can make sure that we are trying our best to be in line with how the Savior himself would and did live. I am SOOOOOO grateful for the atonement-for the ways I have seen it work in my life and for the ways I am seeing it work in others lives, as I serve. This gospel is so incredibly true, it's impossible to deny. I am in awe everyday of how much Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives. He wants us to succeed and to be as happy as possible and we do this through embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ. :) 

This week we have Zone Conference in Virginia which we are SOOO excited for! I hope everyone is doing well-I always love logging onto my account and seeing all the support and love that I receive each week from all of you! it truly makes me feel so good and I love you all SO MUCH! 

Have the best week ever!!! :)
 Bein' a frog at the aquarium!
 Sister's P-Day at the Aquarium
Sister Carlson is a lifesaver!
 Cami and her Companion Sister Amber Garvin

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