Monday, September 22, 2014

This is a picture of a group who had dinner at the gal's house on the left.  She is playing the piano for them for them to sing this week.  She said Cami has a beautiful voice.  The 2 next to her are the Spanish speaking Hermana's.  The guy in the middle is a guy Cami has talked about a lot in her letters.  He's made great strides to change his life and has ups and downs trying to embrace the gospel.  We're praying for J!  Then Cami and her Comp.  Not sure about the guy on the right??? 
This sweet sister sent me this picture after their Sunday dinner yesterday.  Bless her.  She FB'ed me and emailed me as well.  She is AWESOME for taking care of our baby!  No pics this week, other than this one as Cami was on a slow computer today at the library, or maybe LDS mail was having troubles, but she couldn't get any of them to send.  Hopefully, next week we'll get double!  
And now a word from Cambolina...
 Hey ya'll!

Hope everyone is doing well! Our week has been a transitional (?) one. We are kind of in the middle of all of our investigators fizzling out and finding new people to teach--so that's what we are focusing on this week! 

Last week we had the opportunity to have Zone Conf. in Virginia Beach--it was so great! The theme was D&C 6:36 about fearing no man and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Sometimes as missionaries, it can be intimidating walking up to complete strangers and talking about salvation. Weird I know. Ha,ha! But it was perfect in the fact that we have to remember that salvation is so important that we don't need to be afraid because it's a message that everyone needs in their lives!! So that makes it okay :) An elder and a Sister from our zone played a special musical number on the violin and piano and the song was Bring the World his Truth or Armies of Helaman or whatever its called and it was Sooooo powerful and good. I cried. Which is weird because I never cry. HAHAHHAHAHA. Anyway-I felt the spirit so strong and it was pretty incredible to be there with so many valiant, obedient, missionaries. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. Then they talked to us about something we are doing coming up.  

On Nov. 1st we are participating in an event called a social media split. This is where different members are with us through the whole day, taking pictures of what we do as missionaries and what our lives are like and then posting it to social media for the world to see. We're doing this because the Book of Mormon musical is coming to Norfolk, Virginia-so our mission is taking part in Elder Bednar's talk at Education week and "Flooding the Earth with Good" and posting positive messages on Facebook. If you haven't watched it yet, you should.  Here's the link:  So that will be really cool to be apart of. :) We are told to look at the musical as a positive opportunity to share our beliefs because it is actaully a really good missionary tool and opens doors with people who are curious after seeing it--I love that the church has taken that stance and turned it into an opportunity! :) Again, did I mention? The Church is SOOO true! 

We have a lot planned this week and we are really looking forward to it! On Friday we are having a Ward Talent Show- and then on Saturday there is a big stake "Fish Fry" that one of the big families out here puts on and supposedly there will be lots of people to share the gospel with so we are definitely looking forward to that! :) We always like lots of opportunity to talk to potential members so hopefully we'll find some new investigators! Stay tuned! :) 

Have the best week ever! :)

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