Monday, September 29, 2014

It's the end of September already and Cami continues on her 18 month vacation...
I mean mission!  
Cami and Sister Garvin shopping...
I mean proselyting.  
Awww.  I'm just joking.  They are clowning around on P-Day.  
I think they should start a new show, LDS Missionaries under cover.  
It could air right after the Kardashian's!
I think Sister Garvin got the right girl to get her ready for real life again...
and I think Sister Garvin got her ready for the next 16 months of her Mission life!  
Love that girl!!!
 Cami reunites with Sister Fife at Zone Conf. Sister Fife was her MTC Companion.

 Cute girls.  Silly Elders!
This is Cami and Amber's favorite place to go for FroYo!  
It's closed on Sunday so they are subtly trying to convert the owners. 
Stay tuned on that one! 

If you don't make it to the end of this letter, Cami has a new address:

Sister Camille Carlson
116 Windjammer Rd. 
Nags Head, N.C. 27959

This address is slightly better than the Kill Devil Hills name.  AARRRGGHHH!  Matey! 
I'm sure they think we have Cowboys and Indians out west the name of their towns, 
I'm thinking they have Pirates with Peg legs walking the streets there! :) 

Hey ya'll!

Where to begin...Wow! We had a crazy busy week this week- which I love! 

We had exchanges at the beginning of the week in Virginia- Greatbridge Area and I got to be a part of probably the most spiritual lesson so far on my mission! The young man we were teaching is engaged to a recent convert and we were able to have a RM and his wife there and we truly felt the power of member present lessons. it makes the biggest difference in the world and there's a huge impact of the spirit when there is a strong member there, testifying of the truths that we teach people. It was so cool! 

Friday night us and the Hermanas put on a ward talent night and it turned out to be super successful! :) We were so excited to have so many people involved and excited! 

Saturday we helped some members move in the morning and did some service for Bro. Kelly. Our mission has started this thing on Saturdays called "walk and talk" where we walk around and just talk with people that are outside about the gospel from 1-4 on Saturdays so we did that and we got to have some really great gospel centered conversations so we are super excited to go back and hopefully teach those people! We are in the process of finding new people to teach so walk and talk has great benefit for Sister Garvin and I :) after walk and talk on Saturday we went to the annual fish fry that a family in our ward puts on which was great! Lots of fresh catch and good people to be around :)  We (us and the Hermana's) sang in church yesterday and it was probably one of my other favorite-among many-experiences of my mission so far. We sang the Youth Theme Song for 2014 "Come unto Christ" and I did sooooo good at not crying through all of it...and then I accidently looked at the investigator we had at church and Bro. Kelly and then I cried at the end. Everyone said they were really touched when I started to cry though so it's all worth it because the whole reason we wanted to sing was so we could touch hearts! :) 

We got word this week that we get to move in with the Hermanas so we are going to be doing that today and are SUPER excited about that!!! So....for all those (which should be all ya'll) who are sending me letters, I have a new mailing address and it's: 116 Windjammer Rd. Nags Head, NC, 27959 :) I'll be expecting lotsa mail in our new mailbox haha!!! That will be a joyous thing. This week we get to go to Portsmouth on Wednesday and see the new "Meet the Mormons" movie and we are way excited for know you're a missionary when you get excited about a Mormon movie. 

This week is my last full week with Sister Garvin as my comp! I just love her so much and I can't believe it's already October and time for her to leave but I am so excited for her and the great things that Heavenly Father has in store for her! ANYWHO...I hope everyone is just doing so great! I miss all ya'll so much but I am so grateful to be a part of the work of the salvation all at the same time! 

Have the best week ever everyone!!! :)

Much love, Sister Carlson :)))))

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