Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I cant believe it's already September. Wait actually ya I can...Haha. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great week! My week went well. We taught our investigator from our member referral on Friday and invited him to be baptized on the 27th of September and he said that he isn't sure that he is ready yet so we invited him to pray about it. He's been to church every week since we started meeting with him and he is just so sollid. We had another lesson with him on Sunday at a different members home for dinner and he didn't even know them and he was just laughing and having so much fun with them. He is just so great and SO prepared by the Lord to be apart of this gospel. So hopefully he receives the confirmation to be baptized and come unto Christ :) We washed the car this week at this car wash and its like $1.75 and you have like 2 minutes or something to do the whole thing and we didn't finish in time and so we had to drive out of the car wash all sudsy and then go to a members home to rinse the rest of it off...haha! "You know you're a missionary when.... you run out of quarters at the car wash." And the worst part is that it's so humid here that there is this coating on all the windows of moisture...so like right after we washed it, it already looked dirty again. We decided we're going to wash our own car from now on at home :) On saturday we were in Manteo, which is where a lot of our members and the Hermanas live. They took us to this this trailer for lunch that gets turned into a taco/mexican place on the weekends. Ask me if they were the best tacos I've ever had....ask me if i thought my mouth was going to fall off because they were so spicy.....ask me if i learned how to speak some spanish in the process.....THE ANSWER IS YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE haha. There was this green stuff that i swear the guy said was guacamole so i put a ton on because i love me some guac and then one of the Hermanas said that made it spicier! So apparently my spanish isn't as good as I thought it was haha!! It really was so delicious though and they were the sweetest people on earth! Yesterday we woke up early and went to the beach and watched the sunrise. BEST THING OF MY LIFE. We were sitting there watching and then all the sudden dolphins started poppin up everywhere and it was just incredible. Definitely worth waking up early for. Things are going well in the Outer Banks-transfers were this week and I'm staying here! I'll probably be here for a little while. This week I came up with a little list of things i like to remind myself of everyday that I thought I 
would share-you can adjust it to your life at your own discretion :) 

1. You may be weak, but He is strong.
2. Do your best, the Lord will do the rest.
3. Live worthy of your calling. 
4. Obedience is the first law of Heaven- Learn it, Live it, Love it! :)
5. Be on time
6. Let the spirit teach through you- it isn't your gospel
8. "Trust in the Lord and lean not unto thine own understanding"
9. Love is the motive
I love ya'll SOOO MUCH. Whoever is reading this, we are all God's children and I love you!!! I hope everyone has a great safe week! XOXO

Much love from Sister Carlson!!! :)

I think #6 is my favorite!!! Ha, ha!!! Cami's companion, Sister Garvin is also staying put and finishing out her mission with Cami in Outer Banks. Sthey call it OBX. She is so glad. She LOVES Sister Garvin and they are doing some really good things there, so they get to continue working the same area they have been and they get to stay together. When I asked Cami about her training program, this was her reply: we have a 12 week program book thing that we do together and there's 
like scriptures and activities we do and we watch videos of other missionaries teaching and stuff like that. During companion study is when we come up with lesson plans and role play how the lesson would go ideally. I'm sure if you have been on a mission, up you know this, but it was news to me!

When I told her to count her many blessings for the beautiful place she is serving, she said, "thats the thing...is that although this is a very pretty place, missionary work is missionary work! I could be here or in Africa and I wouldn't care about the scenery as long as the ward, members and work was doing well." Spoken like a true missionary!
 Frogs everywhere outside our house!
 It's a bit humid!

 Beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic in Nagshead.
 My toes in the sand=I've waited a whole month to put my toes in the sand.  It's right there and yet we can only go to the beach once per transfer. Mission Rules. 
 Me on ze Beach!
 Sunrise on the Beach!

This Zipper Spider greeted us this morning...HUGE WEB ON OUR DOOR WE COULDN'T GET OUT!

Also a really wonderful Mormon Message.

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