Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The World War II Candy Bomber!

 This is Cami with Gail Halverson, the Candy Bomber from World War II.  He's 95 and came to speak in their area.  If you've seen the movie 'Meet the Mormon's', he mentioned Elizabeth City in his story.  That's the area where Cami is serving! The Sister Missionaries saw it as an opportunity to share the gospel so they organized at Pot Luck Dinner to go along with his devotional. Story below.

The sisters in Nags Head, (OBX) North Carolina!
The one next to Cami is Sister McDonald, her actual companion and the other 3 are the Hermanas that she talks about lots.  They all live in the same house in Nags Head.

The planning committee, The sisters and a couple of Santa's Elves!
This was their Pancakes and coordination meeting for the 
Candy Bomber Event on Satruday. 

The Hermanas.  The one on the right is from Taylorsville 
and Cami is excited to be friends with her after the mish!

Cami and Hermana Gray

Hello hello!

Sometimes I can feel changes coming over me...and it's kind of weird. Today is one of those days though! I can't really describe it, other than I know that it is the gospel turning me into a better person :) This week was super good! 

On Monday we had a Family Home Evening at Brother Kelly's house with some investigators and members of the ward. We read the Christmas story, did a white elephant game/exchange, made hot chocolate, and then went to see a house on Ocean Acres that does Clark Griswold lights X100000. *Not an exaggeration* 

On Thursday we had a zone conference in Virginia and Elder Snow and his wife from the quorum of the 70 came and spoke to us and it was so good! He talked about a few different things in the conference but my favorite thing he said was "Save your fork, the best is yet to come" I thought that was cute :) that's going to be my life motto of 2015. 

Saturday was probably one of the coolest days of my life because the Candy Bomber from the Meet the Mormons movie came to our ward and did a devotional! And anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE cute little old guys and he was like the most amazing person I have ever met! He is 95 and is so active- mentally spiritually, and physically. He is so selfless and loving towards others and is definitely not ashamed in his testimony of the gospel. In everything he said, he attributed to the gospel in helping him become who is he is today. I know without a doubt that the gospel changes lives and I am so grateful for the way it has changed my life and the opportunity I have to help others let the gospel change their lives! 

Love you all- Have a great week!

-Sister Carlson

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