Monday, December 8, 2014

This girl DOES lover her Yorkie!  I think she misses Sophie most of all! 
Last week one found her on the boardwalk during 'walk and talk' 
and she was chasing after it to get a Yorkie love!

Cami's new flash drive! HA!
She loves Minnions and Olaf almost as much!  

Sunset over the Sound, which what they call the water between Manteo and Nags Head.  
How did I not know about this beautiful place!

Cami and Hermana Johnson at the Christmas Tree lighting in Manteo.

Cami in front of one of the boats at the boat parade.  Rough duty! 

Sister Valez taught them how to make Home made Enchiladas.  Yum!

Cami, Hermana Valdez and Hermana Gray the Tree Lighting in Manteo

Their table at the Christmas Tree Lighting in Manteo, No. Carolina

The ward Christmas Party last Saturday Night.  

These pictures were texted to me by a dear member who watches out for the Sisters closely.  
This was the tree Lighting Friday night.  

Thanksgiving dinner last week.  

Picking up their new companions last week.

Who knew yard work could be so much fun!

Here's our baby girl Friday Night right before the tree lighting. 
She looks so great!!!!  Precious girl!  LOVE HER!!!

Hello Hello!
This week has been a good one! I have learned A LOT. It's funny when you go on a mission and you learn all sorts of spiritual things, but you also learn SOOO many other things that I didn't even realize. Like how much I love and absolutely need Jesus Christ. Or how to clean up after myself. Or that I need to make my bed everyday. Or that I'm not right all the time. Or that I'm not perfect and its OK. Or that Ether is actually in the Book of Mormon and not in the Bible (blonde moments). Or that I don't need to eat every dessert at the ward Christmas party. Or what kind of people I like to be around. Or what kind of qualities I want in a husband, ETC. 

A few highlights of the week would definitely be learning how to make homemade Enchiladas from Hermana Valdez (YUM), some reeeeally good lessons with our investigators, dinner at Owens Restaurant with our Ward Mission Leader Brother Paul Spencer, and Zone Meeting. There was a quote shared in Zone Meeting that I have heard before, but needed to hear again and it says:

"Do you want to be happy? Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. Lend your efforts to help people! Stand higher. Lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hang down. Live the gospel of Jesus Christ." -Gordon B. Hinckley

There were a few times this week where I was kinda strugglin' and feeling pretty selfish. It wasn't made known unto me when I got to Zone Meeting and saw that quote. I then realized that I need to get over myself and invest fully in the work that I am here to do. I am here not only as a missionary but as a daughter of God on the earth to love others and help them through this mortal journey just as I have been helped. 

In my patriarchal blessing I am told that there will be many times in my life where I will be called to lead those who are weak and the faith and I am so grateful for that opportunity. I love people. I am so grateful for loving compassionate service that helps me to see the eternal perspective and get outside of myself. It is really one of the biggest blessings. Another favorite part of the week was going to the Christmas Tree Lighting in down town Manteo-We had the genius idea (us and the Hermanas) to set up a table, give out Apple Cider, and have the "He is the Gift" video that the church just put out playing on laptops. Let's just talk about how easy missionary work is when you have people coming up to you and asking you what you believe. It was seriously one of the coolest experiences on my mission so far. The He is the Gift initiative that the church is doing right now makes it so easy to share with others what we believe. We were given a ton of the He is the Gift pass along cards that are included in the December Ensign and we gave out most of them. 

It was super awesome. Hope ya'll have a most cheerful and joyous week! 

"The work is not finished until Jesus Christ can see his reflection in us." XOXOXOX! :)

-Sister Carlson

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