Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve Caroling!

The 5 Sisters in Nags Head, No. Carolina

                                             Sister Carlson and Sister Johnson-
(one of the Hermanas that lives in their beach house!)

Cami and her companion Sister McDonald deliver a 
cake to one of their favorite recent converts.  


Christmas Eve at the Jacobson's Home.  
A special thank you to them for taking such good care of our 
sisters out there in No. Carolina!

Cami and her Companion, Sister McDonald

Christmas Eve-the girls drug their mattresses to the living room and had a 
Christmas Sleepover--Trying to spot Santa, no doubt!

Here she is, your favorite sister missionary and mine!
Sister Carlson on Christmas Morning!  
All the way from the Spencer's home in North Carolina!
Thanks to them also! Best present EVER! 
There's that SMILE!!! New Screensaver photo!

Our family Skyping Cami on Christmas Morning! 
Jenn shows Cami Baby Aiden, the newest addition to our family!
He was just chillin'!

Amy, Justyn & Tay

Karlee, Michael & Cooper say hi with Haven trying to get in on the action!  

Christy, Rommel, Baby Lilly & Rome, the twins, now 6 months old! 
Cami saw them the day after they were born, so they have grown a LOT!

Sister Time!

Matt, Kylee & Rome takin' a selfie while Skyping with Cami!

Haven and Alexa in their Elsa (from the Disney Movie, Frozen) Hats! 
I made these in my 'spare' time. 

 Grandpa and Cooper on his new bike!

This week has been super fun! 

We started out the week on Tuesday volunteering at the food pantry which I always love doing! We also went around and visited some less-actives in the ward, took them a loaf of bread and introduced them to the new relief society president. Over the span of Tuesday night and Wednesday, we did lots of caroling :) Tuesday night we went to Manteo and caroled/took treats to members of the ward and then on Wednesday we caroled in Kill Devil Hills and it was pouring rain but it was so much fun! We went to the dollar store and bought ourselves some ponchos and sang in the rain! :) it was definitely an unforgettable Christmas Eve Day! 

At night on Christmas Eve we went over to the Jacobson's which was great! President Jacobson served his mission in Taiwan so he makes this huge Taiwanese dinner which was cool! There were a lot of people from the ward there and we gave a lesson after dinner about giving gifts. 

Thursday was of course Christmas....AKA the best day of my liiiiiiife. I got to talk to my beautiful amazing loving wonderful sweet eternal family over Skype and that is the best gift I could have received! In the morning on Christmas we went over to the Buchanan's, opened presents, had breakfast and played games. Then we went over to the Spencer's to Skype. After that, we went over to a recent converts house for dinner with him and his family which was way fun! Lots of good food but after that day I never wanted to eat again, ha,ha. 

On Friday and Saturday we went to Surfin Spoon because they are closed for the season now so thats pretty sad! Good thing I'm comin back to visit this place after the mish. On Saturday we went to the taco trailer in Manteo with the Hermanas which is probably my favorite thing ever. I ordered in Spanish....AYOOOO!!! "Yo quiero tres tacos de bistek porfavor"  heheee :))))) Yummiest food around. Just realized half my email is about food. AWWWKKKKward. Anyway. Life is good. 

This week is 2015. In case anyone was wondering, 2014 will be forever know as the fastest year of my life. 

Happy New Year!!!!!

Much love, Sista C

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