Monday, March 23, 2015

A Day in the Life of a Missionary!

Spatula: 1 Cami: 0

Cami is sporting her new raincoat from Target! 
Apparently it rains a LOT there!

Treat time!

Well this week has been rockin! I just love it here. We have had some suuuper good lessons and things are going really well with the work. Had a couple embarrassing moments this week.....
1. I dropped a member's plate ON THE FLOOR AND BROKE IT INTO PIECES after dinner last Tuesday. Yeah so that was....awkward. I still feel so bad. 
2. Then the next day we're walking and my tag just falls off in the middle of the intersection. So then I had to hurry and grab it before a car got me...ey yi yi. 
On Saturday it was cool we got our investigators with a baptismal date to come to a baptism in the ward and then later that night to the ward talent show which was great! They really liked it and they are doing good! We are excited for them. The week after conference is the weekend we are shooting for the baptism! 
At the ward talent show sister Crawford and I played "I hope they call me on a mission"- I played on the piano and she did the violin and guitar! I'm sure my mom is happy to hear that I am playing the piano again :) she was right I shouldn't have quit ha,ha! Have a great week everyone!
-Sister Carlson

Momma's notes:  Not sure I want to know that she was running around in an intersection with cars zipping by trying to grab her name tag.  Don't they have a backup?

I'm smiling from EAR TO EAR right now that I am finally vindicated for trying to get her to stay in piano lessons.  If playing the piano again is one of the things she learns from her mission, I'll be one happy camper!  Children, listen to your mothers!!!! HA! :)  

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