Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Yep, that temp. says 107 degrees! 

My name is Sister Carlson and...I think I am now made of out humidity. or as I like to call it, humility. :) 

Cami's Companion lost the magnet to her name tag and was concerned she would need to get a new one and all of the sudden, they found it stuck on the bottom of her shoe!
(Must be metal in those shoes!)

Here's our girl, this morning on the beach! 

I just love the communication these days!  When I can see her in almost real time, 
it makes me feel so close to her even though she is far away!  I think it helps us both miss each other less so we can concentrate on the work we need to do, at home for me and for her on her mission.  She knows all is well at home and we can see that all is well and that she is happy in Virginia! 

                         This week has been preeeetty good. We have had a lot going on. 
                     This morning we went and watched the sunrise on the beach. My favvy. 

King Triton, on the beach.

Its the last week of the transfer! 

(Mom's note-the Mission President said they will be sending 31 new missionaries to the Chesapeake Virginia Mission in Aug, next transfer so I'm wondering if Cami will stay this transfer, train the next 2 and then she'll only have 1 more before she comes home!  Is that crazy?  Holy Cow, this has gone fast! I can't believe it, she will be home before we know it!)

And now of to Cami's words:

Our investigator had her baptismal interview and rocked it and is getting baptized this Saturday WOO WOO! On Friday we had zone conf. below are some highlights/things i learned :) 

>> "Hear more than what is said" 

>> "We are to learn our duty and then act." -President Eyring

>> "You are standing shoulder to shoulder with Christ- the Greatest Missionary to ever live." 

>>"Work your little heart out" -President Baker

>>"The Gospel is not hard; life is. The Gospel makes life possible."

>>The name "Laban" translated literally means enemy of God

>>We call Jesus Christ "Father" for 3 reasons:
1. He is the Father of creation
2. He is the Father of our spiritual rebirth (atonement/repentance)
3. Because of Divine investiture- {He speaks as if God himself were saying it}

>>"God is a planner. He has road maps."

>> In the Virginia Chesapeake Mission we invite people to come unto Christ. We invite them to BECOME the doctrine of Christ. [faith,repentance,baptism,gift of the holy ghost,endure to the end- 2 Nephi 31]

>> "Heavenly Father is going to give you revelation, but he's going to allow you to use your brain. He gave it to you for a reason and expects you to learn how to use it." -President Baker

>> "There are 2 reasons missionaries stay out on their missions; pride or the atonement."

Hurrah for Israel!!!

XOXO Sister Carlson :))))))))))))))))))))

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