Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy 20th Birthday Cami in 
Kempsville, Virginia!

Shopping on her Birthday.  Oh yeah!

And lunch at the Cheesecake Factory made it even better!

Thanks Taryn Fairchild (Cami's Mission Mom from Poquoson!) for making it all possible!

Banana Pina Colada Slurpees!  Fav!

Both on Antibiotics right now.  See below.

When it's SUPER hot outside, it's pretty hard to not just jump in that water!!!!
Def. Thinking about it!!!  

Gotta love a loose skirt on the A/C vent when it is stinkin' hot and the humidity is 
sky high  while tracting all day looking for potential investigators.  Mission fun!

More mission fun! Sister Thornton is looking a little vampirish! :)

And finally, oh so kind-Sister Kari Brimhall asked me what kind of cake was Cami's favorite!  I said yellow or Chocolate, but she has to have it in a bowl of milk.  Family tradition!  This picture came to my phone a couple of hours ago from Sister Brimhall who had made what looked like an AMAZING chocolate bundt cake and the caption just said, 'with milk'.  I see she hasn't convinced Sister Thornton of her peculiar family Conklin/Carlson ways!  Not yet, anyway!

Well done!  Thanks Sister Brimhall for finishing the day off right! :) You're the BEST!

And now...a few words from Cami.  

P.S. Have you noticed, the letters are getting shorter?  She is really engaging in the work now! 


Super grateful that my BDAY is on a PDAY! AYOOOOOOOOOOOO. I am a happy camper. Mi familia sent me a box with lots of goodies in it-there were certain times I was supposed to open the presents... and I def opened them all at once :)))))))))))))))))) LOLOLOL LOVE YOU MOM. Good day today though. 

This week has been good, we've been blessed with 2 new investigators! and 2 with a baptismal date. So that's supa cool. Finding people to teach is the best. My comp got strep throat this week so we had to take it easy and spent a good amount of time at the doc but all is well! I've never felt so awkward in my life as the day I had to stay home and not do anything! Haha not doing missionary work on a mission.....just awkward. But sometimes life just happens!! Even to missionaries :) 

We've both been to the urgent care within a week of each other now. (Cami had an alergic reaction to something) Both on antibiotics. LOVE IT. I'm off to celebrate my birthday.....PEACE AND BLESSINGS!! :)

XOXO sista c

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