Monday, June 29, 2015

Bill and Kim got baptized!


                 These awesome people got married last week and baptized this week!

 On their way to the baptism in Poquoson, Cami's last area.  
The girls got special permission to go and see the baptism!  Yeah!

The Hermana's left the girls a treat on their doorstep! 
It's comforting to know that they take care of each other out there!

I cannot believe it has been one whole year since my farewell!! 

That is crazy. 

This week has been awesome! So many wonderful things. 

Last Monday we hung out with the Hermanas for P-day. We went thrift shopping and went to a fun Christian store! We all got these super cool matching pants from this hilarious place called Roses. Which is ironic since we wear skirts everyday but.....ya know. Whatever. They have all these T-shirts with Bible verses and funny stuff on them. Only in the south! 

The week before last, the Hermanas wrote us this cute little note and put it on our door, and supposedly left these little mini pies on our door step, but apparently someone decided to steal our pies!!! So the Hermanas brought us some again this week :) We were laughing- like wow who just steals pie off of someones porch?!!? 

This week we have also been really focused on ward trust and so this transfer we decided that we want to do lots of service for the members! So that's what our week was filled with! That and tracting :) Which is way fun. I actually love to tract ha, ha. You meet the coolest people. Yesterday we stood on this porch and talked to 2 girls for like 20 minutes and they both ASKED for a Book of Mormon. Like who does that!?!?! It was so great. I almost threw it at them because I was so excited ha, ha!! 

We went over to help a member clean her attic and go through her clothes, and she ended up giving us each like 15 brand new cardigans!!! Tags still attached and everything. *blessed* :) 

The new military relations couple challenged me and my companion to sing to everyone we teach--non-member, less active, and all our dinner appts. and oh my gosh it has been the most spiritual experience of my life!! It brings such an incredible, unique spirit. 

And best for last, Saturday was the best day of my life I got to go back to Poquoson and see my cute Bill and Kim get baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!! It felt so good to be back and everyone was so excited to see me which made me feel special. :) 

Missionary work is the most fulfilling thing. EVER. 


XOXO, Sister Carlson

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