Tuesday, September 8, 2015

P-Day in Colonial Yorktown 

Silly Sisters!

More sites on Cami's 18 month vacation! HA!

Lookie there!  It's out cute girl.  
DANG, I miss her this week!  
Love you Cam!

The Elders made the Sisters cake!

Members gave them a magnetic cactus for their fridge.

New purse and new shoes, the old ones were worn to threads.  
I'll spare you the pics of those! Ew!


We worked hard this week! And we are tired :) We taught 15 lessons, found 4 new investigators, have 8 people with a baptismal date, and got 147 I/O's which just stands for "invite others" which is how we track how many people we have gospel conversations with each week outside of lessons. So its basically to get us out talking to people. Life is good though. 

Wednesday was my first time going to Mission Leadership Council Meeting (MLC) in Portsmouth with all the other leaders in the mission and President and Sister Baker. It was sweet! 

Friday was zone meeting- the zone leaders asked us to do 2 trainings and they went well! We are over two zones- Newport News South and Newport News North. We decided to go to the North zone this month and President and Sister Baker were there! I get pushed out of my comfort zone every day and I seriously love it. In the short time I have been a Sister Training Leader I have role-played with President and Sister Baker twice- something that normally would have terrified me! It's amazing how the Lord qualifies those He calls. 

Saturday Rachel had her baptismal interview and passed! So her cute pregnant self will be getting baptized this Saturday! :) Yesterday we had a sisters preparation day and we went to Historic Yorktown for Labor Day! Seriously so much fun. It was soo so soo hot and humid, but worth it!

I found this story this morning while I was studying.. enjoy//

"A shipbuilding company had this statement in its advertisement: "All of our timber comes from the north side of the mountain." Why the north side? What does that have to do with timber? After investigation, I found that the best timber grows on the north side of the mountain because of the rigors of Mother Nature. The snow is deeper and the cold is colder, the winds are stiffer and the sun is not as warm as on the south side of the mountain. The harshness of the weather is a contributing factor to the toughness of the timber.

Human character is not much different from timber. Often the best in personality grows on the north side of the mountain. We grumble about our hardships and difficulties, yet those difficulties help us grow and become mature. Each of us can look at our lives and see that the times when we made the greatest personal progress was probably when we were living on "the north side of the mountain."  :)

Have a bless-ed week!

-Sister Carlson 

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