Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 21st in Newport News, VA!

Sister Fairchild (Cami's 'Mission Mom!') and son as Stake Conf.

Cafe Rio opening in Newport News, VA!

And it was FREE!

Day of Service spent cleaning up the beach.  
Something tells me this girl is REALLY going to miss living by the beach!

Silly Sisters Sitting by the Seashore!

If you dress up like a pirate on Sept. 19, they give you a free dozen donuts per person so we did it and then delivered them to different missionaries in our apt complex. :)


This is uh...Sister C reporting live. This week has been pretttty good I guess. I must confess there are always good and rough parts of every week. This morning I realized this is the last full of week of September. 

Last Monday we pretty much just took it easy writing letters and doing laundry. Which...we needed a day to just "relax" and do "nothing" (whatever that means). 

Tuesday and Wednesday were just some good ol normal proselyting days...lessons....I/O's...meal apts...

Wednesday was also transfers and we were in 2 different trios with sisters who were waiting for new companions and making sure that everyone was getting where they needed to be. THURSDAY WE WENT TO CAFE RIO *pics above.* best day evaaaa. still so good! Mormons in VA be lovin the rio! 

Friday we had district meeting..and when I first got to this area, our district was: us as the Sister Training Leaders, the District Leader, and the Zone leaders. HAHA. So with this new transfer, our district dissolved and the district leader who was the other set of missionaries in our ward got taken out and the zone leaders got put into our ward and then we all got put into this new district with like all the Hampton and other Newport News Missonaries. Hope everyone followed that. So now we are in a bigger, less awkie district with more input and diversity. That was a good, much needed change. Friday night our ward had a chili cookoff..good times.....

And Saturday the ward also had a sea wall clean up service project on Ft. Monroe beach. So we went to that. Also good times. very hot, humid times. but good. 

Yesterday Rachel got confirmed a member of the church :) so that was sweet. 

A quote to sum up the week: 

 "We are members of the true and LIVING church, and change and growing pains accompany this blessing." -President Baker

Have a blessed week yall.

-Sister Carlson

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